From the left: Dr. Rosso, Labour Councillor of the Province of Cuneo CN, Marco Viti of MV Cellar, Hon. Raffaele Costa, President of the province of Cuneo and Dr. Migliasso, Labour Councillor for the Piedmont Region.

With a trading experience of more than thirty years, consolidated in foreign markets all over the world, MV CELLAR organises local tasting events and takes part with their own stand and staff at international fairs exhibiting their products and, after the events, following up the commercial negotiations that arise from these events.

Registered in the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce for Industry, Agriculture and Handicraft) of Alba (CUNEO), MV CELLAR was created to organise sales abroad of typical, high quality wines and food products also thanks to the Piedmont Region and the Province of Cuneo support.

On 22nd September 2008, the Province of Cuneo, in the person of the President Hon. Raffaele Costa, in cooperation with the Labour Councillorship of the Province and that of the Piedmont Region, decided to award the businesses started the previous year in this territory that have contributed to strengthen the culture of business as the foundation of local economic development.

Value Proposition

Our passion and our deep wine knowledge help us to select the highest quality wines, made by family-run producers, allowing our customers to have only one supplier for several types and brands, with no additional costs.