Sweets and Pastries

A wide assortment of first quality selected products made with hazel nuts grown in the hilly Langa region and chocolate, which are very characteristic, such as the hazel nut tart with and without flour, hazel nut “Baci di Dama”, hazel nut crunches, hazel nut/chocolate crunches or classical types such as “Baci di Dama” with muscatel/eggnog, the coffee or white chocolate flavour almond biscuits , the traditional maize pastries, butter biscuits (Torcetti), almond crunches, tender macaroons (Amaretti), Canestrelli and many others.

In the appropriate season there is also the production and preparation of bags and/or packets of sweet black and white chocolate truffles, tender nougat and simple bars of plain chocolate bars or with hazel nuts of the hilly Langa region.

Furthermore, in the specific periods of the year, there is also the traditional iced Panettone, as well as those with plain chocolate, with pears and chocolate and with soft fruits and then the classic Easter Doves, made with the same ingredients as the panettone. All these specialities are scrupulously handmade.